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Bathpro Sanitary Ware

Bathpro Sanitary ware have over 3 Years in Alibaba, and trading assurance over $30,000. we have confidence on ourshelf in future.

Bathpro Sanitary Ware

Bathpro Sanitary Ware

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Bathpro Sanitary Ware

Analysis of the development trend of Chinese sanitary industry

2012-9-4 23:17:14

In 2013, rising real estate market, the export market continued to rise and other favorable factors, pull up the bathroom decoration market demand, bathroom market easier to do than in previous years. Friends of the whole bathroom market is responsible for that, for sanitary ware businesses, this year is a good year for a favorable weather. Market high morale will plus bathroom industrydevelopment. While the development of every industry will be facing a "shuffle",there are many small bathroom enterprises are eliminated, there is also a strong rise of a number of enterprises, a new market pattern.

Brand awareness not only depends on the quality of the product and the enterprise's propaganda, the service level also depends on the dealers. The first depends on the enterprises to ensure product quality. Dealers on product qualitycontrol ability is weak. But for consumers to supply what kind of service, it is the dealer can grasp. Small and medium-sized dealers Acting brand is in the low-endproducts, these products after sale service often has some problems. In theenterprise is unable to supply excellent after sale service, small and medium-sized dealers through improve their service and after sale service ability, but also can obtain the excellent reputation.

Dealers in order to create service brand, need to do is far more than these. The dealer to consumers supply service to be more careful, more perfect, in order to win the good reputation of consumers. When consumers choose products into the shop, the dealer to look like old friends as warm; when consumers irresolute and hesitant, often interrogation product price, dealers must patiently answer;when appear quality problem, the dealer to responsibility, properly handle; a period of time used in the product, the dealer to consumers in the product ofinterrogation using the process, can encounter problems. When the dealerservice into details, service brand is set up.

The current domestic environment, bathroom agent hand to assault the national market, on the other hand, the keeping of the enterprises in the regional marketadvantage, so the pressure will be on, and opportunities. These difficulties do notobstruct the second-line brand into the national determination.

From the second bathroom agent market planning speaking, have begun a national plan, which is to become an important step of national brand. The second sign is the brand in an effort to become a strong regional brand, must besoaked to the neighboring provinces and cities. Bathroom experts pointed out,these strategies are not perfect, not mature enough, but there was abreakthrough of national market intentions. Although the bathroom industry to the country still has a long way to go, but the bathroom enterprises willunremittingly continuously go.

Bathroom agent to join the expansion trend came to a close, sanitary ware brand market competition has entered a new stage. Do compared to perfect linebathroom agent is effective nationwide scheme, this strategy greatly stimulated the second bathroom agent for the national market ambition.

The bathroom industry from introduction stage to growth stage, and then to themature stage, in the market each development stage of the "rules of the game" is different, sanitary enterprises and floor dealers make the market planning,business model and marketing model is not the same. At present, the sanitary ware market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and consumers to thebathroom more and more understanding, but also put forward higher requirements on the quality of products and services. This requires businessesmust keep up with the pace of market development, understand the market andwhat the customer wants, and to develop effective business model and thedevelopment of marketable products.

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